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Relationship Map Guidebook PDF

The pragmatic approach to harmonising relationships and sexuality, generating love, and dissolving power-struggles.

Within the Relationship Map Guidebook, there are twenty-one forms, maps and documents designed to support your understanding the Map and enhance your relationships.

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We bring our past experiences and the meanings we’ve attached to them to every relationship and situation in our lives. These visible and invisible histories can influence, if not govern, how we relate to our friends, family, and intimate partners.

To relate authentically and minimise power-struggles we need to bring awareness to our recurring patterns and understand how they can influence how we relate with ourselves and others in the present.

The Relationship Map is a transformative process offering new formulas for loving relationships and living authentically with integrity. Via this unique Map, you’ll learn a new language and method for relating. Integrating these new skills into your life will open a deeper experience of love, acceptance, and greatheartedness.

A first look at the Relationship Map may seem a tad daunting. However, like any map, once you know how to read it, it becomes easy to navigate.

Within the Relationship Map Guidebook, there are twenty-one forms, maps and documents designed to support your understanding of the Map and to enhance your relationships.

They are in the following order:

  1. The Relationship Map: Many people print a few copies and put one on the refrigerator, one behind the toilet door, and another on their bedroom mirror. This reminds them of their commitment to generate more love in their relationships and to focus on what’s required to achieve it.
  2. Relationship Map personal inventory forms: These will support you to observe eight of the main problem areas and identify the love-draining power struggles and their causes in all your relationships. Once you’ve taken inventory, you can begin developing a solution-based action plan designed to support your evolution into who you want to be in the world, and to generate more love and power-sharing within whichever relationship you are concerned withThese forms can be completed online within the PDF or you can print and handwrite on them.
  3. Relationship Map supporting documents: There are numerous concepts within the Relationship Map. Each document or map in this section gives clear explanations, making it easier to navigate the Map.
  4. Relationship Map glossary: Each word in the Relationship Map is purposeful. You can use the glossary to make sure you understand all the definitions, enabling you to better navigate the Map.

The Relationship Map Guidebook can be completed on your own or with another. Be sure to take your time to give space for self-reflection. There are no short-cuts when you’re on a journey of discovery along the path to Greathearted Love.

If you require further support, you can contact Andrew or a Relationship Map coach for an appointment. Click here to make contact

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